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BRADS is formed with the idea of Brio, Resilience, Aspirations, Desire, and Success is an organization dealing with crypto assets, eCommerce, digital payments services, and other digital means of transactions and entertainment. In simpler terms, BRADS aspires to create an ECOSYSTEM of Digital Utilities. The primary SBU of BRADS, its very own crypto assets, BRADSCoin based on the ERC-20 tokens, can be used as simple modes of modern digital investments and that which later can be used to purchase products online and make significant essential digital transactions backed a secured blockchain network. BRADS has also brought e-commerce to the ever-growing digital community, e-BRADS, procuring handloom products from niche manufacturers.
The electronic money converted, serves as an asset that can be primarily stored, managed, and exchanged in all your smart devices. Enjoy our blockchain’s comprehensive nature making allowances for a user-friendly interface and transactions made simpler. The mainstream decentralization with the inventiveness of BRADS is a revolutionary approach towards having a positive impact on our economy as a whole, including our wide range of esteemed investors, employees imparting efforts on each stratum of operations, and the diverse community. BRADS brings forth a cryptocurrency exchange, namely BRADS|X for a simple and efficient service of trading crypto assets. This exchange allows easy swap of crypto assets in lesser time. BRADS|X is developed with a special feature of emergency withdrawal for investors of BRADSCoin during their tough periods without hassle.
BRADS feels that the modern-day consumers of the digital era have a basic requirement of understanding the utility behind any professional engagement, the accessibility to the utilities provided, and more importantly to maintain simple and fluent means of digital transactions. There are extraordinary service providers out in the world, but very few deliver the latter in tandem. Hence, BRADS aspires to build a single platform for people to make secured investments, select the best of investments in crypto assets, and buy unique products from across the globe delivered to every doorstep, maybe with a
touch of nostalgia and simplicity.

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Token Distribution

The Horde Trade

In order to make BDC token distribution process more efficient, the BDC price will now be linked to BTC & ETH



The funds or BRADSCoin will be distributed within the community by following the procedure of ICO (Initial Coin Offering). It is the ideal form of crowdfunding done by the organization. The global offering will take place while ICO. The consumers can acquire BRADSCoin in exchange for any fiat money, or any other crypto asset owned by them.

Symbol: BDC

Initial Value: 1 BDC = $6

Type: ERC20



Consumer loyalty and belief is our inspiration and the points of criticism and sections of improvements fill us with determination to be better in every prospect, a motivation to be able to connect with society.



BRADS International Pvt. Ltd. is a platform of digital utilities, opening the doors to an ecosystem that takes care of all your shopping and investment concerns. BRADS is a multinational company established in the year 2013, with the corporate office stationed at Kolkata, and headquarters located in Zurich,
Switzerland. We are focused on creating utilities for all, and providing a platform for the utilization of the crypto assets owned by our consumers. We are creating a platform that lets you deal with the ease of both fiat and digital currencies. We take care of your interests, conjoining you with a network of buyers and sellers in a digitally accepted global marketplace. Once your fiat money gets converted to a digital form, it will be primarily stored, managed, and exchanged efficiently in our closely knitted framework of digital utilities. We, at BRADS, are also taking care of the simpler means to transact and a userfriendly interface across the world. We are including our wide range of esteemed investors, employees imparting efforts on each level of functioning and operations within the diverse community. At the BRADS ecosystem, we are providing you an opportunity to both invest and shop under a single roof, incorporating solutions at your fingertips. We are focused on easy accessibility for our consumers at every step, with the elimination of intermediaries in a peer-to peer network and the transactions getting recorded in a public distributed ledger, the blockchain. 



BRADSCoin is a digital currency based on a decentralized approach, with the elimination of a consolidate system.


The blockchain technology of BRADS serves as a solution to your hurdles in the crypto market as it brings to you in the palatable form of a real time settlement. The blockchain serves as the prime solution to your security issues. It governs the resilience, security, and immutability of our users. The transactions are encrypted within a peer-to-peer network, with the participants receiving an update when a new transaction is made in a block. The stakeholders of the ledger can avail the advantage of high-end encryption in the disseminated network.


No Transaction Fees

BRADS is eliminating all sorts of extra charges payable by the consumers. The transactions made in the BRADS forum are free of commission and other transactional fees. Our users can pay with the help of this crypto asset and there are no limitations imposed on the exchange of values within this decentralized framework.


Privacy and Security Centric

As we have a decentralized nature of the network, there is no intervention of the third-party authorities. All the transactions get encrypted in the distributed ledger technology. An update is sent over to all the members of the network when a transaction is made and the data gets stored in the block. Therefore, there is no threat to personal information as the system is highly synchronized with the service protocols and nodes of the network.


User Experience Focused

We believe in the notion of implementing the best business strategy i.e., Consumer Satisfaction. Delighting our clients with every service offered is the best long-term gain for us. BRADS is focused on delivering a satiated user experience, and therefore has curated a user-friendly interface for all, where they can maximize the utility of our prime crypto-asset – BRADSCoin



Ravi Modi
Founder & Promoter
Vishnu Sureka
Business Advisor
Tanvir Ansari
Chief Technology Officer
Masahiro Kaido
Marketing Head
Mitsuo Matsutani
CEO – Japan, China & Africa


Originally the term "FAQ" referred to the Frequently Asked Question itself, and the compilation of questions and answers was known as a "FAQ list" or some similar expression.

The technical standard ERC 20 is implemented within the encryptions of BRADSCoin. ERC-20 defines the significant set of rules to which the crypto asset needs to adhere. The technical implementations in BDC empower the developers on how the tokens are going to perform in the larger systems. It creates a convenience for the developers as it simplifies the work and each step need not be redone while newer tokens are released.
As we all can estimate, crypto is the future of finance. Hence, there also exists huge scope of our sole crypto-asset BRADSCoin. An outlay made on your child’s birth can escalate to an amount beyond your imagination. Keeping resonance with the increasing value of the fellow cryptos, the value of BRADSCoin has increased from $0.65 in the year 2019 to $6 in 2021. With the pace of time, the value of BDC will further increase, making an allowance for you to reap some additional benefits like stakes from our branch brands, and other rewards. Besides these, earn ample returns on investment (ROI), backed by the securities from us. Store the crypto asset in your personalized BRADS Wallet, together with any other cryptocurrency owned by you.
The BRADS Wallet lets you explore BRADSCoin in an efficient digital ecosystem. The information displayed in the wallet is a combined proposition of the data received from the nodes. One can store more than one crypto asset in their BRADS Wallet. Each transaction done by the user will be recorded in the wallet, enabling the formulation of a transparent ledger, eradicating the need for a financial report. Major altcoins can be traded with the use of BRADS Wallet. It can be availed for personalized use through the private accounts owned by the stakeholders, with the help of a one-tap payment solution – BRADSPay.
Transactions are made simple, easily accessible in nature, with an opportunity to redeem points on every proceeding. These points can be redeemed on the next purchase from any of the BARDS portals. There is a facilitation of in-app payments being entirely supported by the payment gateway. There is also a smooth integration of BRADSPay with third-party shopping carts, and any crypto/fiat bargain can be effortlessly executed with this app.
The unique crypto coin- BRADSCoin is a virtual currency based on the decentralized approach, discarding the consolidated system. With BRADS, embrace the perks free from the administration of a single cell. This financial asset allows you to reap capital gains once sold or traded. Secured by the incentive systems, it makes an allowance for the users to transact with ease, without the requirement of a third party. The transfer of funds within the BRADS digital ecosystem gets completed with minimal fees for processing the transactions. The efficient web ensures bidding adios to skepticism and opening the doorways for an estimated growth of your BRADSCoin value. The tokenomics of our organization inculcates the backbone of our platform facilitating a conglomerate of transactions for our users.

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